La Casa

The loving home and school for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. La Casa School for special education is a homely place for individuals who are differently enabled or specially enabled. The school specializes in Autism and related disorders

La Casa is a second home of learning & living a fuller life for children with learning difficulties, especially autism. This second home is geared to educate, train, coach, & nurture these children into independent & meaningful members in our Society. La Casa dreams to create a sanctuary for emotional, social, & psychological growth for children who are differently gifted. We believe that individuals with special needs are closer to God than others. Therefore, La Casa bonds with them and dedicates all its resources for their care, training and upkeep in an atmosphere of love and dignity.

Autism Spectrum Disorder
ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
Global Developmental Delay
Language & Speech Delay

We are at:
La Casa School For Special Education & Habilitation
Ganpati complex G-2, G-3, Sector- 20,
Tong Apartment, Belapur Village,
Near Ram Mandir
Tel : +91 22 6521 0690
H/Set :
+91 90 0460 4330
Email :



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New Session & Admission from
1st June, 2014