The Founders

Sheena Rath
Doctorate in Spanish Literature from Valladolid University in Spain.
Masters from Jawaharlal University in New Delhi.
Contributed as a Special Educator in Kaleidoscope Learning Centre in Chennai.
Worked in the Embassy of Nicaragua in New Delhi.
Worked as Finance Manger for a multi-national shipping line in Singapore.
Most importantly, parent of a loving son with autism.

Capt PS Rath
Ex CEO, Maxicon Container Line Pte Ltd, Singapore.
CEO of Econship Marine Pte Ltd, Singapore
 La Casa
None of us know why we were put on this Earth. We seek to emulate Godís perfection, not knowing if God is really perfect or with beautiful imperfections. Many of us have difficultly with our children. Some of these children have autism. Some of them have other problems. However, our children and we have a purpose why we were created. Most of us will probably never really know what that purpose is. But we must never stop to explore.

Capt PS Rath